Sponsor an area of new woodland to offset your business’s carbon footprint.

In the process, you’ll be fighting climate change and improving Ireland’s landscape for all. Get your staff involved in tree-planting as a team-building exercise. Associate your brand positively with positive environmental action.

Why Plant Native Woodland?

  • Woodland is the most natural vegetation cover possible
  • Only 11% of Ireland is covered by forests
  • Less than 1% of Ireland’s forestry is permanent native woodland

Benefits of Native Woodland

  • Stores carbon from the atmosphere
  • Releases oxygen to the air
  • Restores biodiversity
  • Prevents pollution in rivers
  • Connects fragmented habitats

What’s Involved?

We plant native woodland on abandoned farmland or as replacement for conifers. Trees are supplied from certified Irish native stock. The planting can be done by volunteers or by your staff, as a team-building exercise. All planting is supervised by a registered Forester and Ecologist

Download a printable PDF of these details [3.87MB, pdf]

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