Continuous cover forest guidelines

Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF) is a forest management approach suitable to both conifers and broadleaves. It allows for the production of commercial timber while retaining a forest cover at all times. This is normal practice in the mainland of Europe. Teagasc has produced a very useful guide to CCF management see:

There is grant aid available for CCF from the Department of Agriculture see:

Is conventional forestry helping with the climate emergency?

Conifer afforestation and windfarm in north-west Ireland (Photo: John Fox)

About 4,000 hectares of trees were planted last year, significantly below the target of at least 15,000 hectares annually needed to maintain equilibrium between harvest and planting.

That is according to the advocacy group Environmental Pillar, which has poured scorn Government claims that Ireland’s forests are making a significant contribution to tackling the climate change emergency.

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