Our Goal

Our goal at Natura Trees is to promote native woodland planting and close-to-nature management of forests, with the objective of restoring biodiversity and sustainable land uses in Ireland.

Natura Trees is a sister company to Natura Consultants; an established environmental consultancy with a 30 year track record of scientific surveying and assessment in Ireland.

Our Team

Richard Nairn

Richard Nairn (MSc CEnv FCIEEM) is a senior environmental scientist with over 40 years experience in applied ecology and conservation.

Richard is a registered ecologist under the Native Woodland Scheme and a registered seed collector and supplier of Forest Reproductive Material. He serves on the Steering Committee of Woodlands of Ireland.

Richard is a Chartered Environmentalist and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management. He is also the owner of an ancient woodland in Wicklow which is managed under the Native Woodland Scheme.

Mike Carswell

Mike Carswell is a professional coppice worker and greenwood worker. He has more than ten years experience in utilising traditional methods to produce sustainable woodland products.

A graduate of the Bill Hogarth Memorial Apprenticeship Trust, Mike is fully qualified and insured in coppice restoration, felling and conversion of raw materials. He has knowledge of ecological impacts and the heritage of woodland management in Ireland.